Celebrate Your Engagement

Have Your Engagement Ceremony With Us

Celebrate your engagement with us!

Make it a night to remember.  Give your eyes a treat with our gorgeous 
Eastern and Western themed decor.

Live it up in Suzie's Room! The music and energy keep going on and on.

Need some quiet time? Then head over to the Robert's Lounge, and quench your thirst with a drink from our bartenders.

Take your pick from our menu. We can cook for a crowd, don't worry.

Feeling oriental? Then have some of our wantons and dim sums from our Asian menu.

Wanting something more Western? Our pasta, mains, pizzas, and tapas have got you covered.

Enjoy the night with our special cocktails! Need more? Check our drinks menu and order beer, wine, champagne, and more.

Our live band performances and cabarets will ensure your special night keeps getting better!


Need a dance floor? We have a dance floor! Dance to your heart's content, both you and your guests.

Need the right music? Our DJs have you covered. Just keep enjoying yourselves!

We plan to make your special night even better. Celebrate it with us!

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